English Class Imane

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

TV Journal Assignment # 5

"Lost" starts with a realistic and original idea which is transformed into a fantastic history.
For me, Lost is the best TV program that I have ever watched. The story is pretty exciting, the intrigue captivated me and the actors were excellent. In short, Lost was a great movie filled with suspense.
In the program; I discovered a new kind of series. A dramatic series which is filled with surprise and of intrigue.
Well, this program has been transporting me to another universe.
So if you enjoy action, adventure and suspense, you will probably enjoy this program.
I recommend this show to other people, and I’m sure that they will adore it like me.

Monday, November 13, 2006

TV Journal Assignment # 4

Episode: Solitary.
Name of the character: Sayid.
After I left the other survivors on the beach, I saw a cable under the sand. I followed the cable because I believed that it could have a bond (connection) with the transmission of a woman that we had collected on the radio of the plane and which had turned in loop for 16 years.
I was walking in the forest when I fell into a trap. I disappeared and when I awoke, I was attached and I could not move. The woman who captured me was the same one who had left a message of distress 16 years ago. She asked me questions about my life and my job as a soldier. She spoke to me about limps of music which is broken that her husband had given her. I offered to repair her limps and she said to me her name "Danielle Rousseau". At the end of day, she didn’t want to let me leave because she didn’t want to remain alone. I asked her to come with me but she refused. So after she left me in the forest, I decided to go to find the other survivors on the beach.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

TV Journal Assignment #2

This week in LOST, Jack was sleeping when he heard a woman who was drowning. She shouted for help. One guy tried to help her but without success and when Jack came to help them, he just saved the men. Jack was disappointed because Joanne died and he felt guilty.
After 6 days in the mysterious island, there were just 8 water bottles and one of them picked this water for him. Without food, without water and without rescue, the survivors were in a panic.
When Jack was on the island, he found a water source and told the others. Everyone tried to help the group to survive and pass this hard moment.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

TV Journal Assignment #1

My TV program is LOST. I chose this program for a lot of reasons, but mostly for the suspense story that I like. My friend watched the program and she told me about it, and I decided to watch it also. The actors play very well. The story began with a crashing plane, and 40 people were found in a desert island. In this Mysterious Island, there is a curious sound when the night arrives. After one day in the island, two people die oddly. The survivors try to emit a radio signal for help but it’s without success. So the people try to survive in this mysterious island. Every day, the story changes with a lot of enigma and suspense.